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pMachine News
Sep 16, 2004
Developer Resources
The ExpressionEngine Developer Resources have entered the building! Have you eagerly been awaiting our developer resources for modules and plugins? Well, go check them out in the new Developer Resources section of the pMachine site. There are step-by-step tutorials with example projects along with detailed information about using ExpressionEngine's native classes. Dedicated forums now exist for discussing your add-on or requesting assistance with that pesky technical problem. In the next few days, a dedicated Developers Mailing List will be available where developers can have email discussions about developing in ExpressionEngine.

Aug 06, 2004
EE Version 1.1 Now Available
Version 1.1 adds over 70 new features and enhancements!

This is a free update for all existing ExpressionEngine users.  You can download the update from our download area.  Please consult the user guide for update instructions.

Jul 30, 2004
pMachine Support Team
We're pleased to announce the creation of the pMachine Support Team and its first three members. The team is comprised of experienced members who have shown their commitment to exploring ExpressionEngine and helping others understand how they too can use the software to its full potential. Further, these members have proven to constantly be helpful and respectful in our forums while maintaining a lighthearted spirit in their replies. And so, we ask you to join us in welcoming Les 'Les' Jenkins, Chris 'Crusty' Ruzin, and Lisa 'LisaJill' Wess to the pMachine Support Team.

Jun 16, 2004
pMachine Meetup
If you live in Portland, Oregon or plan to be there as part of the WebVisions conference we would like to invite you to attend our pMachine Meetup. The entire pMachine gang will be there so we would love to meet you!

Click here for more info.

Jun 14, 2004
Module Developers
Are you a PHP programmer? If so, consider becoming an EE module developer. Please visit our developer page for more info.

May 19, 2004
Our New EE Plugin Site
We've redesigned our ExpressionEngine Plugins site for better organization. Not only will you find information regarding available plugins, but if you are a developer who wants to learn how to "roll your own" you'll find the first revision of our plugin API documentation. The documentation isn't quite finished but it covers the basics. A big thanks to Chris Curtis who did most of the heavy lifting.

Check it out!

May 17, 2004
Thanks to all the Switchers!
We want to thank everyone who participated in our free EE offer. Over the next couple days we will complete the process of creating download accounts. We still have several hundred accounts to get through so please bear with us. We will make an announcement once we are finished. Thanks again!

Update: OK, we are officially done! Everyone who was granted a free copy now has a download account. Thanks for participating!

May 14, 2004
Spring Special at pMachine Hosting
Between now and July 1st if you signup for any of our hosting accounts and select to pre-pay for 6 months you will get a 7th month free. Select to pre-pay for 12 months and get 2 extra months free!

May 05, 2004
Request for Testimonials
Have you had a good experience with our products or service? If so, we would be grateful if you shared it with us so we can publish it on our upcoming testimonials page.

Please send your feedback to feedback@pmachine.com. Don't forget to include your name and URL. Note: We will not publish your email address.

Thank you!

Apr 23, 2004
ExpressionEngine Version 1.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of ExpressionEngine Final 1.0. This version delivers several new features and enhancements and marks the end of the public beta period. Please read the Change Log for details.

We want to publicly thank everyone who participated in the public beta. Your input was invaluable to us in improving and finalizing the program. Since the beta period lasted longer than we anticipated we will be extending everyone's license period.

Version 1.0 is is a free upgrade for all existing ExpressionEngine users. The update process involves replacing some of your backend files and running an update script. Please read the update instructions contained in the new user guide. You can download Version 1.0 at our downloads page.

Please note: Language files are no longer distributed with the build so if you are using a language other than English, please visit the Language Packs page.

From all of us at pMachine, thank you for your support!

Apr 06, 2004
Recently Updated Sites List
You'll notice on the lower right side of this page that we now have a list of ExpressionEngine sites that have been updated recently. If you are an EE user and would like to take advantage of this feature you can set up your site to automatically ping us whenever you submit a new entry. Please look at the Ping pMachine page of the User Guide for instructions.

Mar 26, 2004
ExpressionEngine Public Beta 2 Released
We are happy to announce our second major EE release, which includes the new search engine module, an email module, and several other great new features. We are releasing this build as Public Beta 2 due to significant design enhancements in our template engine. We consider this version to be a final release candidate so this beta period should be very short. Please check the documentation for upgrade instructions, as well as the changelog for all the new features. To download this version, please visit our Download Page

Mar 21, 2004
IT-Enquirer Relaunches with ExpressionEngine
IT-Enquirer, the stylish technology magazine for professional publishers relaunched using EE. IT-Enquirer covers topics of interest for web professionals, like Mac OS X, graphics technology, web design, prepress, and more. Their premier issue features an article on using ExpressionEngine as a full-blown content management system.

Mar 10, 2004
ExpressionEngine Review
Robin Good has a nice review of EE at his fine site, Master New Media

Mar 07, 2004
Non-commercial License Now Available
Many of you have contacted us since the release of ExpressionEngine asking us to please consider offering a less expensive license option for personal, non-commercial use. So many people made this request, in fact, that we have decided to honor it. Our new license pricing is:

Commercial license: $199.00
Non-commercial license: $149.00
Upgrade from pM Pro: $99.00 (if you purchased pM Pro before February 8, 2004)

Note: If you are a non-commercial user who purchased an ExpressionEngine license at the full price, please contact sales@pmachine.com so we can make an adjustment to your account.

Mar 04, 2004
Movable Type Import Now Available
We are happy to release our MT import utility for ExpressionEngine. It is included by default with the current distribution. If you are an existing user and would like to use it, please look at the latest build information for installation instructions.

Feb 23, 2004
Template Library Now Open
Our new ExpressionEngine Template Library is now open. Here you'll find the source code for all the templates we offer. We are also interested in getting user contributions to our library, so if you have a design you would like to share, please contact us.

Feb 23, 2004
More languages!
We want to publicly thank Willem, Nando, and Alberto for providing us with three new language translations for ExpressionEngine: Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. Thank you! If you are interested in using these languages, download the current version and replace these two folders: language and modules.

Feb 22, 2004
Lockergnome Praises ExpressionEngine
According to the Lockergnome Web Channel "[We've] seen the future and the future is ExpressionEngine!".

Feb 20, 2004
AppleMatters interviews Rick Ellis
Hadley Stern, publisher of AppleMatters, the fine Macintosh web publication, interviews Rick. There is a (gasp!) photo too!